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Our success is based on several factors:

Multi-lingual Teams of Consultants
Communication is very important to us, and even more inportant for the success of multi-national ERP implementations. This why we strive to communicate with our clients in their own language.

Experienced Financial Consultants
We employ seasoned professional consultants with formal training and many years of experience in finance, accounting and multi-national ERP implementations across all types of industries and all sizes of organisations from departmental to multi-national.

Customer Focussed
We help our clients to define a clear vision, contain costs and deliver high quality solutions that remain focused on clearly defined business objectives in an effective and timely manner.

Service to your Door
Our consultants are highly flexible and travel where they are needed.

Experienced and Friendly
Our consultants are great to work with. They use a "hands-on" approach in association with our proven methodologies, and are comfortable working with all levels of business users - from the board of directors to end users.

Preparation for the Future
We anticipate future needs, and consider the use and management of the system over its entire life.  We thoroughly prepare our clients for the time after the consultant has gone.

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